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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Slumber Parties!!!!

This weekend I will be celebrating my 11th birthday and am having a sleep over. Here are a few tips if you are planning one.

Some people pick themes. I am having a Celebrity sleepover. There will be singing, dancing, dressing up and much more! I can't wait. I tried to keep the food and decor with the theme. It has been working well.

Normal non-themed sleep overs are fun too. Try playing Truth or Dare OR perhaps a board game. It's fun to have activities for your guests and that also gives your party structure. Here are some ideas:
Buy each guest a white pillow case and decorate them in memory of the sleepover.
You can always play a board game.
How about make up and hair do's?
A PJ fashion show.
Make your own sunday.
If you have any good ideas send them to me on comments. Have fun at your next sleep over!

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Heavenly Facials

Everyone deserves pampering once in a while, so why not treat yourself to a facial. You don't even have to leave your house and you won't spend tuns at a spa, but will recieve the same luxurious treatment. Here's how to make your own facials:
Baby powder,Water,Lotion,Baby oil (optional),shower gel(smells add comfort)
Pour a bit of water into a bowl. You don't need too much. Then add baby powder which you need a fair amount of. Add a bit of lotion and baby oil (optional). Stir until the mixture is the consistancy of a creamy paste. You may need to add more baby powder or water. Then apply the mixture to your face. Let dry. Wash off to discover a softer you!